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Hibau provide high quality construction services and operate in various sectors. We also create our own new developments and are always seeking new land opportunities. We are also experienced in working in partnership and joint ventures with public bodies and JV partners.

We have an exemplary health and safety record ensuring our staff, members of the public and our supply chain remain safe on our sites.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Hibau specialise in producing energy efficient and sustainable new homes incorporating the latest technologies such as air source heat pumps, solar panels and off grid energy storage solutions. By using high specification glazing, maximising insulation and high standards of air tightness, we firstly strive to minimise energy usage through the building fabric. This coupled with energy efficient heating systems such as underfloor heating, and air source heat pumps, further reduce energy usage as well as creating comfortable living environments. The result is sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective homes for our customers.

A Hibau home is an energy efficient home.

Incorporating the latest technologies

Our homes incorporate the latest technology and can be tailored to suit our client’s specific requirements. We can even provide full control of a home through a smart phone or even using voice control! Homes can be pre-wired with high-speed network cabling, so that each room can be integrated with the latest technology, unlocking a range of different ways to operate and control your new home.

Through this technology, heating and lighting can be controlled remotely and security systems such as alarms and CCTV cameras can be accessed all from your smart phone, tablet or computer, wherever you are in the world. Door locks and garage doors can even be accessed through your smart phone eliminating the need for keys and offering piece of mind.

We also select the best modern materials to help ensure our homes are low maintenance and energy efficient.

Social Housing

Our management team is experienced in providing high quality affordable housing for a range of housing associations and public bodies. Our flexible approach and can-do attitude make us the ideal partner to create great spaces.

Through innovation and working with our supply chain we work hard to deliver the best outcomes for our clients, whatever their budget.

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Self-build & custom-built homes

May people dream of designing and building their own home. Many more people are now making that dream a reality. Hibau are experts at working collaboratively with clients to create their dream home.

Our Otium lake development features a number of plots where our purchasers have retained Hibau to bespoke their home to suit their exacting requirements.

We will work tirelessly with you to design your new home around you.

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Refurbishment and renewal

Time to renovate or renew your building? Hibau have the skill and expertise to transform old spaces and give them a refresh. From building extensions to full refurbishment projects, Hibau are delighted to apply its passion for great design and craftsmanship to improve and create great spaces.

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Energy efficiency enhancement, building fabric improvements and carbon reduction works

With energy prices at an all-time high and with the effects of climate change becoming ever more apparent, there has never been a greater imperative to improve the efficiency of our buildings.

Hibau take a holistic approach to identify the most efficient ways of improving the energy performance of existing buildings. We will review each element of your building and help identify the most cost-effective solutions to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

We have detailed understanding of new technologies that can generate energy on site, improve efficiency and deliver significant reduction in running costs.

If you would like to explore further how Hibau can help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss further.

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